Saturday, February 25, 2012

Syndicate is

Massive letdown on the syndicate front. I mean the shooting felt good but the storyline was ABYSMAL! You have these powers, sure, but Wolfenstein also had these powers like 4 years ago lol. Syndicate is almost as bad as Crysis 2's storyline (but I love that game so whatever lol) but Crysis 2 was like 12 hours long and syndicate is like 6 with no competitive multiplayer. What is everyone's thoughts?


  1. seems pretty generic. same with Kingdoms of Amalur and Binary Domain. alot of generic games.

    I bought the Jak and Daxter collection and Twisted metal recently. at least those games will keep me busy. there is nothing in the multiplatform department that im interested in. besides perhaps mass effect 3, which I will just... ahem.... "download" later on.

  2. I thought it was mediocre at best. The minigun part was pretty cool.

  3. I haven't even beaten Crysis 2 yet lol. Just never go around to beating it. Glad you said something relating it because I thought about getting Syndicate. I actually posted a comment on their YouTube add: "not buying until Silent Rob approves" lol. I'll just stick to Crysis. I was hoping it would be somewhat like Mirror's Edge but EA ya know...

  4. kingdoms of amular is pretty damn good. Plus, it's really stable and never crashes. Can't say the same about the crashathon that Skyrim is. lol

  5. dont you have a problem with the singeplayer pass in Kingdoms of Amalur? for me, that's reason enough to not touch the game with a 30 foot pole.

    1. I didn't know amular had a pass actually. my brother bought it on 360 and he never said anything. Probably because he knew I would go off lol

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  7. I can't believe they wasted the Syndicate IP on a FPS. Next gen Syndicate had so much promise as a RTS, isometric shooter, or even an RPG (ala SNES Shadowrun). Imagine a game where you're the "controller" and you either save the day or commit crimes via your proxy androids. You could choose to be good or bad! The potential is mindblowing, but nah. Just a FPS. Thanks for nothing.

  8. I have barely touched the story, but initially it looks like its nothing special, definitely nowhere near as good as Deus Ex Human Revolution, but I wasn't expecting that to happen.

    The Co-Op gameplay is a shitload of fun though, especially when you get a good crew doing and doing some crazy impossible shit that you just wouldnt be able to do without a team that is in sync with themselves.

    Im not bothered by the fact that its not an isometric RTS squad shooter and is instead an FPS, its 2012 people, not 1993, that shit doesnt cut it anymore. When was the last time you played an Isometric RTS squad shooter anyway? Probably not within this century.

    The gameplay is pretty damn good for an FPS, story is meh though, this is pretty much a good game if you got hooked on Co-op type games like Left 4 Dead and just want more of that good stuff, otherwise you'll find Deux Ex HR much better probably.

  9. I just finished the game a moment ago and "Meh" pretty much sums up how I felt too. While fun at times, this really doesn't feel like a $60 AAA title as it has a very generic feel to it.

    It has all the cliches of any console style FPS including heavily scripted level design with minimal opportunity to explore, cover based mechanics with regenerating health, two weapon carry limit, etc. There are already enough of these on the market. The only unique aspect (your powers) are very underplayed and never really essential as you can literally melee most of the enemies anyway (there's a perk that refills half your health when you do it plus you are invulnerable while performing the takedown).

    The only real challenge the game has to offer are the bosses which may take a few tries until you get the knack of what you are supposed to do.