Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thoughts On Rage?

I have heard very mixed things about this game and I think I figured out why. Rage has problems. First off, the texture popin is HORRENDOUS! Turn the camera quickly at any moment and u will see it. The load times are also too long and theres some backtracking for a game that is not as open world as it wants you to believe. However, this game's main problem is it's first 3 hours....holy shit do they suck. I think these opening hours turned a lot of people off but just keep in mind as soon as you get to the dead city the game really picks up and I am currently loving it.

I know about the shitty ending and frankly I don't care because the story is shit so I really don't care how it concludes. The shooting is EXCELLENT! Some of the best on any fps and it runs at 60 fps pretty much all the time. So, the big question is what is everyone's thoughts on this game?


  1. it was ok i agree great shooting and the driving system was fun but the first few hours suck and texture pop is shit also the game is WAY to fucking short

  2. A decent fps that had a crappy cliffhanger ending.

  3. I played the demo and found it pretty boring. I felt if they went a more traditional route instead of half-baked pseudo open world it would have been more interesting. If I gave it more of a fair shake I might have had fun but I already have too many games to play and not enough time to play them.

  4. The game was a complete technical MESS at launch. There was HORRID performance/framerate issues in the PC version if you had an ATI/AMD video card. In addition, awful texture pop-in (which is greatly improved now but still noticable) and in order to get perfect framerate on consoles, they severely nerfed the graphics on the PC version as well (originally it looked almost photo-realistic).

    I find the game itself to be perfectly fine but also very deceiving. Shooting is certainly great and all. However, the issue is that this title appears to be an open world sandbox game like Grand Theft Auto just because you can go everywhere. However, it's actually another linear shooter just like ID's other games because there is really no incentive to explore anywhere except for where the missions lie. Also, I absolutely despise the driving mini-games as they are either way too easy or extremely unforgiving and treachourous. Thank GOD they are optional for the most part. It's just not needed in a game about "shooting things" and if I wanted to race around in an open environment, I'd play something like Burnout.

    Lastly, I really had a hard time getting into this game at first. It just felt like I've done all of this before in so many other titles like Doom 3 or Quake 4. Originally, I thought this game was going to be like Borderlands given the similarities in art style but it's nowhere close to it.

    1. I just beat rage and immediately started up another game on superhuman difficulty. The game is a blast. It is basically Doom mixed with motorstorm style driving and honestly I could have done without the item fetching and backtracking but I still like it. They should have made it 100% linear without the pseudo open shit and the ending was crap, but as far as shooting mechanics go it does not get much better. This is what duke nukem forever should have been.

  5. what do you think of max payne 3

  6. I haven't played rage yet, but it does look interesting.

    Say, whatever happened to that awesome megaman 10 demo game you had on here at one point? I wanted to play it some more, and the music on it was really cool.

    Also, could you add a comments section on your blog somehow so I don't have to pollute your posts with random off-topic stuff? That would be awesome.

    I'm a big fan of yours Rob, thanks and keep up the good work!

  7. I can expand on what I wanted to say on your video here, so first off the driving doesn't really bother me too much but I totally see your problem with this "open world-ish" atmosphere, alot of it feels like unnecessary padding, but at the same time I like it because it gives you things to do on the side should you desire to.

    There's a tonne of mini-games and alot of ways to make extra cash, so I don't really see it as a bad thing.

    Now for the issues, the Texture pop-in... you weren't fucking kidding, it's probably the worst I've ever seen in any game, how they allowed something that bad is beyond me, however when the textures are fully loaded (until you turn the camera again) the game looks beautiful.

    Another huge gripe I have is the same one you had, the load AND save times are just too long, ridiculous, thankfully I have the patience to save frequently but it does get annoying... alot of backtracking and re-visiting locations also strikes me as.. odd, I mean I cleared out this hideout and now everyone's magically back?

    Overall though I like it so far ALOT more than I dislike it, the shooting feels great and I love the engineering ability too, again it all works to add variety which I don't mind.

    Also on a sidenote, I know you love to add music in the background of your videos, the music alone makes me laugh coupled with your awesome sense of humor, so I have a little request...

    Can you use this song for your next pissed rant video? I think it would be SUPER fitting.

    Keep up the awesome videos dude! I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

  8. I honestly don't know what people are talking about the first few hours sucking. A lot of games of this type start off a bit slow to get you into it. The load times are bullshit, yes, and pop ups are definitely annoying(but not that big a deal to me).

    As for it's open world nature, it is very minimalistic... but think of it more like "Bio Shock" than Elder Scrolls.