Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Worst Candy Ever!

I am gonna be making a series of top 5/top 10 worst ever lists. Was gonna do them on this blog but to save space I went ahead and made a hubpages account. Check out my first article and be sure to comment! Make sure to +1 it on google. Thanks guys!



  1. Great list Rob, i agree with it candy corn is just terrible.

  2. I have to agree with all of the list except for candy corn. I agree that it's not good, but it's not really bad either.

    Your list seems to be more generic types of candies than singular brands and such but at the top of my list would most definitely have to be those Warhead candies. I just really hate sour things and when I popped one of those into my mouth I spat it out so fast that I looked like Birdo.

    1. Warheads are awesome, but i guess to each their own.

  3. I'd pick candy corn over Tootsy Rolls and Smarties any day. I don't think either of them are nasty or anything like that, but they're just some of the shittiest candies out there.