Thursday, March 1, 2012

If You Would Like To Donate

I have had a few people ask me if I accept donations and stuff like that. I do, and if you would like to you can donate to my Paypal:

Keep in mind it is not necessary, but each and every one is definitely appreciated. Thanks guys! You are the best fans out there!


  1. I can just sense a new butthurt archfiend video against you in the making

    1. Archfiend needs to get a life.

    2. Why? I'm not doing anything wrong. My main source of income is this blog and Youtube page. There is nothing wrong with accepting donations and If he made a video I would not watch it anyway. lol

  2. I honestly like some of the Archfiend's videos, I had hoped you and him had sorted your beef out at this point, that shit was YEARS ago.

    If people are ACCEPTING donations and are upfront about it, what does that have to do with him anyway?

    I'll happily make a donation in the near future.