Monday, April 23, 2012

Is Dungeon Siege 3 Good?

I really hope so because I just bought it off Amazon for $16 dollars. Has anybody had any good experiences with this game?


  1. There was a demo for it on PSN, I remember playing it when the game first came out. It was a pretty boring top-down style RPG. It might have enough enjoyability in it to warrant a 16 dollar purchase but don't expect anything great out of it. There's a reason why the average rating on Amazon for it is 3/5 stars.

    1. Also, I'm pretty sure the game has 4 player co-op so I'm sure you'd have a lot more fun playing it with friends than solo.

  2. I have played through the entire game and I had an overall enjoyable experience. To make things simple, I'll provide you with the pros and cons I can think of off hand:

    - Unique environments and enemies. Very little is recycled throughout the game unlike many other titles. Graphics are vibrant and colourful (rather than brown and gritty like just about every other modern game).
    - On PC, this game can be played effectively with any control scheme which is nice for suiting all personal preferences
    - Combat is really fun. If you played and liked Dungeon Siege II's combat, you'll like this as well only it's better because you can control your character directly rather than having to click repeatedly to move and attack. I chose a Combat Mage and it was quite a joy all the way through.

    - It's relatively short for an RPG (and especially compared to the previous games in the series).
    - It lacks the party system found in the previous titles. In Dungeon Siege II, each character had a unique specialty (Melee (Tank), Combat Magic (i.e. Damager/Scrapper), Ranged (Damager/Scrapper), or Nature Magic (Healer/Crowd Control)) which really helped in different situations. In the third game, you mostly play with your main character and that's it.
    - This game is significantly easier than the previous titles so if you are looking for a high challenge factor, then you may find yourself pretty bored in this case (although I personally didn't care).

    So yeah, if the Pros entice you and the cons don't mean too much, then I'd say give this a go. I certainly did not regret my purchase.

    1. thanks man, sounds right up my ally. However, I will probably play through on a harder difficulty.

  3. it's an ok game, but what i hated the most was that the view is right on your character's ass, and there's no option to back off the camera

  4. Dungeon siege 3 helped me get over Diablo 3