Friday, May 4, 2012

Top 5 Crappiest Nes Games?

What is everyone's top 5 crappiest nes games? I am thinking about making my own list and would love to see what everyone else thinks.


  1. 5. Infiltrator
    4. Tagin' Dragon
    3. Color a Dinosaur
    2. X-Men
    1. Action 52

  2. 1.) action 52
    2.) any LJN game
    3.) hydlide
    4.) color a dinosour
    5.) Deadly Towers

  3. 1) Iron Tank
    2) Battletoads
    3) Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
    4) Friday the 13th
    5) Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  4. Oh its not even close. The absolute worst NES games are

    5. Mega Man 2
    4. Super Mario Bros 3
    3. Double Dragon
    2. Excitebike
    1 Legend of Zelda

    The absolute trash of the NES library.

  5. 1. Action 52
    2. Bokosuka Wars
    3. Rocky and Bullwinkle
    4. Deadly Towers
    5. Raid 2020

  6. . Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
    . Action 52
    . Super Pitfall
    . Fester's Quest
    . Thatonewiththeretardedflyingheadshootingshitaround

    1. The last one's Samurai Zombie Nation?

  7. 5. BTTF
    4. terminator
    3. Double dragon 3
    2. Super mario bros 2 (US)
    1. megaman 6

  8. In the poll I voted for Sonic 06. But that's because there was no Megaman X7, this game pisses me off so much it's not even fun! It pretty much killed the X series, X8 was kinda better, but it was hard to get back on track after the abomination that was X7. I always ask myself what you have to say about that entry in the Megaman X series.

    I went and got a PS2 at the time, just because of this lame shit, so it's some sort of trauma by now, haha! Sorry for the giant out-of-topic comment.

    1. Honestly, I think having Sonic 06 is the only one in the poll that doesn't really belong. By that time you would have known better than to expect something good out of a Sonic game but the other series listed hadn't had very many, if any, shitty games yet. I think Sonic 06 is probably the worst game in the poll but because of that I didn't think it'd be right for me to vote for it.

    2. I see your point. In terms of being a deception, Sonic 2006 is not much of a contender, since everybody knew it would be crap. I guess the worse type of sequels are the ones nobody expected to be that bad, like Devil May Cry 2. But as i said, i only voted for Sonic '06 because there was no Megaman X7.

      Other big shit of a sequel in my life is Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, i still can't believe how much they bastardize the series like that and then let it die like a dog in the streets, it was my favorite RPG. Yep, Capcom hates me for over 10 years now, and that was before the DLC times, damn bastards! haha!

  9. 5. Milon's Secret Castle
    4. Little Red Hood
    3. Color A Dinosaur
    2. Action 52
    1. Cheetahmen II

    Goes from figuratively unplayable to literally unplayable.

  10. ever play the Tom Sawyer NES game?

  11. In no particular order..

    5. Power Punch 2
    4. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (U.S Gold version)
    3. Somari
    2. Conan
    1. Snake Rattle 'n Roll

  12. 5.- Jaws
    4.- Quatro Adventure
    3.- Bart meets Radioactive Man
    2.- Hydlide
    1.- Where's Waldo?

    Not putting Action 52 in my list because I find the game kind of enjoyable in a so-bad-is-funny kind of way.

  13. 5.Jaws
    4.Megaman 4
    3.Action 52
    1.Mario is missing